Simple Vacation Rental Management Software

If you're tired of your current Rental System, you're gonna love using Leasetool!

We know why you do rentals

You do rentals because you have to. Tenants eventually become buyers. Money from rentals helps fill the gaps between sales - and we know this.

We're just as tired as you are

We know the other software you're using costs too much and is very confusing to use. Leasetool is learned in minutes, not weeks. Get productive!

Some of Leasetool's Features

Web based, and works on all devices

  • Make a lease on your tablet and instantly send it to everyone.
  • Take photos of your listing with your phone and instantly add them your your site.
  • Leasetool makes all of this easy and more.

Our lease template editor is awesome

  • Update the language for your leases on the fly.
  • Make clauses, re-order clauses and delete clauses.
  • Instantly update all leases to use the new changes.

Take hours of work and turn it into minutes

  • Alert other agencies of new bookings or rate changes.
  • Email owners, tenants and agents when you make a lease.
  • Invite property owners in and let them set rates and update their own listings!

We're constantly working on new features.
We won't stop until Leasetool is the best rental system EVER!

Who's using Leasetool?

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