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Leasetool was created with one simple goal: make managing rentals easier and cheaper.

Our background is rooted in Seashore Real Estate and we've talked and worked closely with Realtors working this market for a long time and understand their wants and needs very well.

Leasetool is the creation of Joe Taylor, designer/developer at Sites by Joe, a long standing and reputable web design firm that focuses mostly on web design and products for real estate agencies and agents.

For years Joe listened to agents complain about the cost of their rental systems, how hard they were to use and how they felt trapped with no better options. The cost of doing rental business was high, and generally considered non-lucrative – but something they HAD to do to remain competitive.

Sure, there are many rental management systems out there. Tons of them. Trouble is, none of them are specifically designed for the particular needs of a seashore real estate office. This is where finally, after a long time spent carefully designing, building and rebuilding, Leasetool has arrived.

Learning to use Leasetool

We want the challenge of learning a whole new system to be something that takes mere minutes. View the Leasetool tutorials

History of Leasetool (if you're curious)

Leasetool is actually the revised version of the original rental software made back in 2003 by Joe Taylor. When it was made, Joe was a real estate agent at Parrohead Realty in Avalon, NJ. Parrothead was a small agency with a handful of agent and their business was growing fast.

At the time they were tracking rentals using 3 books with pencil fill-in sheets. Leases were filled in on a typewriter. A tenant would sit in their lobby for a good half hour just waiting to have their lease prepared. Then the books would need to be updated. Then other agencies sharing the rental would need to be called or faxed. The amount of busy work surrounding booking a single week in a shore home was astronomical.

Parrothead started by contacting Ginn Computers. They had a system developed in the 80's that many offices were using. Theire quote was 1000's of dollars for setup, and a hefty monthly fee. It was considered completely unreasonable. Then they tried another system, Osiris. The interface was horrible, it wasn't geared towards the agency's needs and dealing with that system made it clear to Joe that it was time to learn to build something for Parrothead himself.

This spawned EZ Rental, a system Joe made with the help of his dad who was a programmer at the time. This system simply tracked owners, tenants and properties and included a simple search. Even at this early stage it was doing just what Parrothead needed and replaced their 3 book system immediately as it was web-based so agents could access it from everywhere. This was 2001. By 2003 the system had evolved to generate leases, integrated with the Parrothead website, and became a fully fledged system minus accounting features. This was done with Quickbooks. It was in 2003 that Joe decided to move from full time real estate into full time web design. In 2004 Sites by Joe opened its doors and almost immediately was flooded with clients and projects.

All this web design work put EZ Rental on the back burner and the product was never heavily marketed. Today 4 offices in the Cape May County area are using it still. Over 10 years later. And happy with it. The simple, east to use way that this system was designed became part of the foundation of Leasetool as you see it today. The decade of design and programming experience by Joe is now poured into the interface for Leasetool and we're proud to state that it is by far the easiest system you'll ever use to manage your rental inventory.

New features are being discussed and implemented all the time. We can't wait for you to enjoy the continued enhancements we have in store. This is just the beginning!

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